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Essay on United States vs. Japan Economic State - 889 Words

United States vs. Japan Economic State The United States of America is one of the world leading economic powers in the world. The question is, how does the Unites States compare to other nation powers.Australia ,Cananda , China and Britain are just a few of the nation powers that can compare to the United states. This report will focus more one of the main rivials to the United States and that is Japan. Here is just a sample of Japans Numbers for 2004 compared to the United States. Unite States GDP growth is 4.30% ,unemployment is 5.60% and Inflation Rate is 1.90%. In Japan the GDP growth is 4.50% , unemployment is 4.60% and Inflation Rate is -.04%. . I think this is an important perspective because we really do live in a global†¦show more content†¦The U.S. has reached the even level of inflation—not too hot and not too cold. The Japanese have endured a decade of near zero inflation ,and as of 2004, a outright deflation. However, the Japanese economy shows signs of climbing out of its funk based on it str ong GDP showing. Lets look at the Japan and United States Economics numbers for 2004. Currency: Japan uses the Yen, as The United States Uses the dollar. Exchange Rate 12/31/04 US=$1 and Yen = 110.5. Gross Domestic Product (GDP, at market exchange rate) $4.8 trillion for Japan and for the United States it is $11.50 trillion for 2004. Inflation Rate (consumer prices) Japan actually as a deflation of -0.4% as the United States as a inflation rate of 1.90%. Current Account Balance (2004F): $174.1 billion for Japan and the United States is 187.9 billion .Major Trading Partners for both countries.: Germany, Asian NIEs, China, OPEC Merchandise Exports (2004F): $522.4 billion for Japan and $630.57 billion for the United States. Merchandise Imports (2004F): $395.9 billion for Japan and 647 billion for United States. Merchandise Trade Surplus (2004F): $126.5 billion for Japan and for the United States it is $167 billion. Major Export Products for Both Countries: Machinery and transport equipment; chemical and other manufactured goods Major Import Products both countries: Chemi cal and other manufactured goods; machinery and transport equipment; mineralShow MoreRelatedMy Daily Routine Of School Essay1195 Words   |  5 Pagesall around the world that can differ from what we receive in America and its American schools. Although the ideal education and system that the United States offer-which is what is expected from the larger society that surrounds- becomes an ineffective process when compared to other countries such as Japan. ( ) In my daily routine of school in the U.S., I am provided many things that I tend to take for granted. It ranges from everydayRead MoreBrief Political History : Japan1368 Words   |  6 PagesConstitution of Japan adopted in 1947. It is an unitary state, containing forty-seven administrative divisions, with the Emperor as its head of state. His role is ceremonial and he has no powers related to Government. Instead, it is the Cabinet, composing of the Ministers of State and the Prime Minister, that directs and controls the Government. The Cabinet is the source of power of the Executive branch, and is formed by the Prime Minister, who is the head of government. It is an unitary state, containingRead MoreSt. Vincent And The Grenadines Vs Guinea Essay1556 Words   |  7 PagesCase 2-5 St. Vincent and the Grenadines vs Guinea Facts: On November the 13th 1997, a St. Vincent’s and Grenadine agent filed a case against Guinea concerning the release of Marine Vessel Saiga as well as its crew. The vessel had been taken into custody by the concerned authorities after being suspected to be used for smuggling purposes. During its seizure, the vessel was in the process of refueling both fishing vessels as well as normal vessels that were operating off the coast of Guinea. DuringRead MoreGood Versus Evil and Democracy Versus Fascism1453 Words   |  6 Pagesdeclared war. Some historians may even go back to 1931, when Japan invaded Manchuria, but this did not fully-scale the war. The United Stated did not enter the war until Dec 7, 1941. This event did not take place until one of our military forts in Hawaii was bombed. This particular bombing is most commonly known as the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Most American did not want to get involved with the ongoing war in Europe. Despite the United States best efforts to stay out of it, they were forced to join afterRead MoreCase Study1380 Words   |  6 PagesIn this case we get an entire scenario about how the Japan deflation set in, what were the effects of the deflation on the economy as well as on the people of Japan. It also mentions about the various reasons because of which Japan was in such a tight grip of Deflation, Depression, Demographics and Debts Guides us through the steps taken by the government in order to curb this deflation. Imparts a great knowledge to us about the various economic terms like deflation, self-liquidating credit, Non-SelfRead MoreThe Cold War And The Soviet War845 Words   |  4 PagesThe reason the Cold War was called the Cold War is because there were no physical battles with weapons, tanks, or even artillery, it was a war between capitalism vs. communism, democracy vs. dictatorship. This War actually started when Stalin of the USSR had a conference during the end of WWII who promised the American president , FDR, that he would allow there to be elections, democratic elections, in the Eastern part of Europe which had the soviet dominance. But in the year of 1945, in the PotsdamRead MoreThe War Of World War II1638 Words   |  7 Pages Italy, Japan versus the Allied nations which were led by Britain and its Commonwealth nation, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States. The Allies were victorious in the War. It was one of the most significant periods of time in the 20th century. The war resulted in many changes across the world including major advancement in technology. The post-war world changes also included the end of end of European colonialism, the civil rights movement in the United States, and theRead MoreAustralia s Bilateral Trade Agreements With The Trans Pacific Partnership1468 Words   |  6 Pagesbased on strong economic and trade complementarities and assisted by a comprehensive program of high level visits and wide-ranging cooperation activitiesâ €  (People’s Republic of China Country Brief, 2014). In addition, Australia is also pursuing bilateral trade agreements with Japan and South Korea. The nation is also exploring its options with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, the United States, Malaysia, Peru, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico and Japan as well asRead MoreParagraph On Education Within Countries1040 Words   |  5 PagesEducation within Countries Many people have always thought, that the United States of America has always been ahead of every other country in the world. Whether it is in the economy, army, or in the educational field people think that the U.S is superior. What people do not know is that we are not the only country out there. The United States might be greater and better in quality in some areas, but education is definitely not. We are the U.S and we struggle because we want to! because we are lazyRead MoreThe Culture Of The Word Culture1748 Words   |  7 Pagesas provide information in terms of our current military jargon for the benefit of the United States Army. Culturally, Okinawans separate themselves from the association of the Japanese culture, even though they are still considered a territory of Japan. The differences in their landscape, their way of life, language, and even their societal infrastructure are the basis of their adamant separation from Japan. Its geographical complexities are also what make Okinawa unique from its neighboring

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