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Marketing Strategy and Recommendation Special Industry

Question: Describe about the Marketing Strategy and Recommendation for Special Industry. Answer: Introduction This report is about the marketing analysis of the Open Family, which is Australia-based organization. From the findings of the assignment one, it is found that that Open Family is working in a special industry where it supports the young people who are homeless and at the risk. The issue of the homeless is has become concerning aspect for the Australia. In Australia, lack of the affordable and suitable home is a problem for the youth that wants to leave separate and facing the problem of the poverty (Open family, 2016). Along with this, from the finding of a previous assignment, it is also analysed that family breakdown and domestic violence are major causes of the homelessness in the age of 12 to 14 in Australia. It is also found that Open Family faces many kinds of issue in its operation which in involves political and legal issues. The mobile technology Mobile Youth Outreach is effective for the company to reach the needed persons who really have to need. Therefore the target market of the company is youths that want to improve their life step and want to start in new and better life (Yeshin, 2012). In the current market, the positioning of the Open Family is good compared to its competitor. It is because the company is providing good service and serious about its vision and mission. This report includes the marketing analysis of the Open Family. It also identifies integrated marketing communication strategies of the company to meet its objectives. It helps to identify the organizational strategy to enhance the brand image in the market. It also suggests about promotion tools and element that should be used by Open Family. It will help to generate the effective outcomes for the company operation and achieve the goals and objective of the firms (Belch, et. al., 2014). Relevant Aspects of the Integrate Marketing Communication/ Promotion Mix It is necessary for every business organization to promote their brand in the market to achieve the desired outcomes. The brand promotion is one of an effective way to increase sales in the relevant industry. It is also effective to increase the amount of the revenue and profitability of the company. That is why in the current business environment most of the organizations use integrated marketing communication strategy to achieve their predetermined target. The Integrated marketing communication means to combination use of all the activities that are used in the brand promotion of an organization. In this, the purpose of the organization is to minimize the cost and increase the effectiveness of the tools for increasing sales. The concept of integrating marketing communication is directly linked with the brand communication. The main objective behind the brand communication is to make their product more popular in the market. It is very effective way of the promoting organisational products and services in the market. The process of integrating marketing communication contains the target market that will be best for selling their products. In the very simple words, the concept of the integrate marketing is co-ordination of the all the organizational communication mix that are advertising, public relation, sales promotion, online marketing and personal selling (Schultz, et al., 2013). It is helpful to communicate organizational good and service in order to improve selling activities. In the context of the integrate marketing communication, there are different tools that should be used by the Open Family in order to the reach at the more and more needed youths. Open Family is also recommended that it should use these tool in order to achieve its goals. Advertising Advertising is one of the significant tools under integrating marketing communication which are effective to promote the organizational brand. It helps the firms to access to a wider audience in a shortest possible time period. There are also different tools to publish an advertisement in the market such as television, newspaper, internet and billboards. These tools and ways are effective to motivate the potential customer to buy the product. The advertisement is one of the effective ways that increases the sale of the organization as well as develops the brand awareness in the market (Thorson and Moore, 2013). The customers want to right news about a product so that they can select the best product from the available options. Open Family Australia can use the advertising by creating awareness among the youth by providing the benefits and features of the services. It is important for the customers to be aware as if they are not aware next time they would not make purchase decision for the type of product. The company can also build a brand preference for the customers over offerings of the customers. The company can also give advertising messages by reflecting on the information so that the customer may feel important whenever they choose the product. It can also use direct sales, which deal with the customers directly and sell the products. These are beneficial for the company in order to earn maximum profit and good reputation. It can also be recommended for the company that it should also increase awareness among the people aged 18 to 35 years by different ways of advertising. Sales Promotion Sales promotion is also a tool for integrating marketing communication that enables the firms to promote their brand in the market. Under the sales promotion, goods and services are promoted through discount coupons, membership coupons, attractive packages and incentive (Wang, 2013). Open Family Australia can use different promotional strategies such as Contests, Social media, Customer referral incentive program, branded promotional gifts, customer appreciation events, and after sale customer surveys. The sponsoring of contests can also be helpful to give attention to the product. Social media such as Face book and Google + is used by the company in order to promote products and services. Customer referral program can also be used to encourage the current customers in order to adopt new customers to the store. Branded promotional gifts can also be effective of sales promotion by handing out simple business cards (Mihart, 2012). The customer appreciation can also be used by Open Family Australia for the sales promotion. It can also provide door prizes and free refreshments for attracting the customers to their store. After sale customer survey can also be adopted by the Open Family Australia. The customers feedback can be obtained by contacting the customer through telephone, or by mail (Yeshin, 2012). It can also be recommended for the company to overcome their objective that it should choose the target market for the company so as to increase the sales. Direct Marketing Direct marketing is a tool for integrating marketing communication that allows the company to directly interact with customers. In the context of the direct marketing, an organization uses various ways that include email, text messages, brochures and promotional letters. This tool is helpful for retaining the existing customers (Hollensen, 2015). For direct marketing the company can use various mediums of marketing such as direct mail, telemarketing, E-mail and target market campaigns. Direct marketing can be carried out by mailing directly to the target market. It also includes catalogues, and brochures. Telemarketing can also be used as the other way of direct marketing. E-mail can also be used as the other way for direct marketing as it helps in generating the response of the customer rapidly. There are various recommendations that can be given for the company that is website review. It can be suggested for the company towards the objectives. The company should also launch innovative technology for helping the young people suffering from hardships (Thorson and Moore, 2013). The company should also recommend for the campaign which includes communication channels so as to determine the objectives. The company should take the feedback of the customers whoever purchases the products. Personal Selling Personal selling is also one of the significant tools of integrate marketing communication. It can be seen when the sales person of the company sells goods and services directly customers. The personal setting is also an effective way of getting fast feedback from the customers. Personal selling can be used by Open Family Australia by asking certain questions to the customers that, why the customer is interested in the product or service. The company can use address concerns for providing information of products or services. It can also be recommended to the company to overcome the objectives. The mission should be clarified in order to achieve the specific goal for the youth. It should also fulfill the objective of the company by reducing the risk issues of the youth through employment programs (Hollensen, 2015). Public Relation Activity Through the use of the public relation activities, an organization can promote their brand through press releases, news events and public appearances. It is an effective tool that presents the organization in the best light. It is a very believable tool of integrating marketing communication (De Mooij, 2013). Public relation activity can be used by the company in order to adopt various external media such as newspaper, television. It should also include relation with the media as by circulating messages through media channels. It should also help in promoting the business and managing the risks. Advertorials can also be used by the company for advertisements in the form of news papers. Brochures and catalogues is also the way that can be adopted by Open Family Australia for the public relation activity. Employee relations can also be helpful in building up the teamwork and productivity. It can be recommended to the open family Australia that it should improve the public relations wit h the customers. There are various strategic recommendations that can be given to the company so as to achieve goals such as by creating a content market plan, communication response plan, think and act like their customer (Hollensen, 2015). Conclusions with Implications for the Company From the discussion on the both assignments, it is summarized that Open family works for those youths that are homeless or going to be homeless. In Australia, there is a lack suitable housing facility for youths and the situation has become worse compared to last two decades. The open family provides mentoring, mobile youth outreach, community ownership, and wellbeing services. However, the organization faces problems due to the public sector that affects the profitability of the organization (Percy, 2014). It is also found that the position of the organization is good in the context of the current situation and target market. In order to enhance the sales of the organization integrate marketing communication strategy can be effective. In this, the open family can consider the different tools of the integrate marketing at the possible level. Advertising, sale promotion, direct marketing, personal selling and public relation are some significant tools of the integrate marketing by whi ch Open Family can enhance their awareness among the aged 18-35 in Melbourne of the issues confronting at-risk youth (Shimp and Andrews, 2012). Integrate marketing tools will also helpful for Open Family to increase the percentage of members of the target market who believe in organizations service. It will also enhance the number of volunteer application to work in their mobile outreach services. These both reports under the marketing fundamental are significant for the Open Family Australia. It recommends some strategies to the company so that it can increase marketing awareness in the Melbourne. In order to attract the volunteers, the organization should identify the needs of the youths and try to fulfil their needs. The success of the communication plan can be measured through identify the survey and identify a number of the visitors on the organizational site (Schultz, el. al., 2014). The success of the plan can also be measured through evaluating the number of persons that have improved their life with the help of open family. References Belch, G.E., Belch, M.A., Kerr, G.F. and Powell, I. (2014)Advertising: An integrated marketing communication perspective. USA: McGraw-Hill Education. Blakeman, R. (2014)Integrated marketing communication: creative strategy from idea to implementation. UK: Rowman Littlefield. De Mooij, M. (2013)Global marketing and advertising: Understanding cultural paradoxes. USA: Sage Publications. Hollensen, S. (2015) Marketing management: A relationship approach. UK: Pearson Education. Mihart, C. 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(2013) Integrated Marketing Communication: Examining.Integrated Communication: Synergy of Persuasive Voices, p.153. Yeshin, T. (2012)Integrated marketing communications. UK: Routledge.

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